Vnomic: Model Driven and Declarative  Automated Workload Delivery, Governance and Auditability Management

Vnomic was founded in 2009 with the simple belief that the growing sophistication and complexity of next-generation application landscapes requires a different approach. This is because traditional approaches to application deployment, security, governance, and auditability no longer meet digital business requirements.

As companies around the globe embark on the digital Transformation, they quickly realize that the first step on the digitization journey starts with the enterprise workloads automation of the delivery, security, governance, and auditability on clouds.


Vnomic expert system automates the delivery of these enterprise workloads on clouds using declarative model driven approach to ensure meeting all required security, governance, and auditability requirements. Vnomic declarative delivery and governance platform with desired state capabilities also allows companies to maintain their configuration consistency and governance.


Vnomic also provides the ability to safely add or remove resources from already running applications to meet the demands of users, based on service level requirements as well as time scheduling and cost factors while adhering to strict industry-specific security and governance requirements.