Application Release Orchestration Automated, Engineered Workload Delivery & Governance as a Service

Vnomic was founded in 2009 with the simple belief that the growing sophistication and complexity of next-generation Application Release Orchestration requires a different approach. This is because traditional approaches to workload deployment, cost, security, governance, and audit-ability no longer meet digital business complexity, time to value and cost requirements.

Today’s business demands are driving an immediate need for organizations to develop a focused strategy to migrate enterprise workloads to the cloud using Application Release Orchestration platform.   The value of the cloud is clear to businesses where the average cloud budget has spiked by nearly 52% with 80% of organizations having at least one new application in the cloud in 2019.  

Cloud provides significant business benefits including not only reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO) and faster time to value but also access to innovation. Agility and flexibility are imperative to changing consumer and market demands. When businesses are considering whether to move to public cloud platform, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the public route offers the greatest business benefits to fully future proof your investment. 

The flexibility, scalability and productivity that the cloud offers combined with the need to reduce operating costs, increase cash flow and react quickly to new opportunities are the main reason organizations are looking at running their core operational processes in the cloud.