Helping Your Business Adapt Cloud Operating Model

The sophistication and deployment complexity of SAP Landscapes that are powering the digital transformation are constantly growing. This means that traditional approaches to SAP landscape deployment, governance, and auditability management on Azure no longer meet business expectations.

Automated Engineered SAP Landscape Delivery and Governance on Azure

Vnomic is working closely with Microsoft to automate, engineered SAP landscape deployments and governance on Azure end to end with zero touch.  These capabilities include cloud infrastructure and SAP landscape architectural deployment models/blueprints that enable integrated testing and validation, as well as customizable and scalable landscape deployment solutions globally.

The need for better SAP landscape deployment

Most SAP landscape deployments are manual, time-consuming and prone to human error, all of which can cause significant delivery issues and compromised quality. In the enterprise world, you need to have a standardized and streamlined path of deployment to ensure consistency and manageability to avoid unexpected delays and expensive production operational costs.

In response, some companies have tried to throw more people or money at the problem, while others have made attempts to use infrastructure automation tools.  These tools, however, come with a steep learning curve and heavy lifting from the infrastructure team, which many times does not have deep SAP landscape experience. This is how companies can end up with semi-automated and inconsistent deployments, which leads to delayed project with significant cost overrun.

Why Vnomic automation solution?

Vnomic has challenged the status quo with Vnomic Automated, Engineered Delivery and governance as a service.  Vnomic automation platform standardizes SAP landscape deployments and governance using SAP and Microsoft best practices while providing unique capability to streamline the entire deployment operation lifecycle and integrating services that Azure provides.

In short, Vnomic platform reduces time to market while improving the consistency and resiliency of SAP landscapes architectures, governance, time to value and enhancing the customer experience.

The benefits and business outcomes of Vnomic automation

Vnomic automated Engineered SAP Landscape Delivery and Governance on Azure brings many benefits including:

  • Best practices by default: We manage and continuously maintain SAP and clouds best practices in Vnomic platform by modeling all the capabilities as well as pulling in lessons learned and the newest SAP and Azure features.
  • Reduced time to market: By using models and defining everything as code, SAP landscapes can be deployed in a matter of hours with zero touch, end to end while deployments of all the components are documented in great details for auditability.
  • Reduced deployment costs and increased service reliability: Vnomic eliminates manual labor and its associated errors while documenting all the deployment steps end to end with zero touch.
  • Increased compliance and auditability: Vnomic model driven platform with desired state computation enables companies to enforce the SAP and Azure best practices from the start providing consistency while meeting strict governance and compliance requirements and reducing cost.

Successfully migrating a data center and workload to the cloud and effectively managing the cost take numerous steps including:

  • Data Center Analysis
  • Cloud Account and Subscription Management
  • Workload Resource Requirements
  • Deployment Cost on Cloud
  • Runbooks and Supporting Automation/Integration on Cloud
  • Governance and Control on Cloud
  • Workload Resiliency on Cloud

Vnomic offers a comprehensive solution for successfully migrating data centers and workloads to clouds.