Automated Delivery and Governance of SAP application on ACI using Vnomic Highlighted at Cisco Live 2015, Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne, Australia, March 17, 2015 — Vnomic, the leading provider of Automated Policy Driven Software Defined Everything latest co-innovation with Cisco, SAP and VCE will be highlighted at CiscoLive Melbourne, 2015.

The growing sophistication and complexity of powerful applications and programmable infrastructures require a new approach to the delivery and governance as the traditional manual approaches to the application and infrastructure deployment and governance no longer meet business expectations.

Vnomic automated Delivery and Governance platform will be highlighted during the session called Using ACI to Deploy Complex Real-World Applications scheduled to be held on Wednesday March, 18th 2015, during Cisco Live 2015 being held in Melbourne.

During the session, Vnomic technology will be demonstrated to automate the deployment of SAP Business Warehouse on a TDI build of SAP HANA as a real-world example of how ACI can help to accelerate the deployment, and simplify the operation, of complex applications.

The session will demonstrate how customers automate the delivery and governance of powerful application to meet the security, performance and auditability requirements. Moreover, the session will dive into the key capabilities that are needed to automate the delivery and governance of all the technologies that make such a policy driven deployment possible, and explore how ACI provides an important tool in enabling IT to balance the conflicting demands of agility and reliability in the data centers..

Vnomic will continue to work closely with Cisco, SAP, VCE and other global partners to develop the next generation of automated policy Driven Delivery and Governance Platform and support the deployment of powerful business applications such as SAP Business Warehouse on HANA running on Cisco Application Centric Infrastructures (ACI).

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Vnomic is the leading provider of Automated Policy Driven Software Defined Everything.  The Vnomic Declarative Application & Infrastructure Delivery and Governance Platform is a Policy Driven and Application-Centric Automation Solution capable of Delivery and Governance of the most sophisticated Applications on Programmable Infrastructures, while ensuring compliance to the strictest Performance, Quality of Service, Security and Governance requirements. Vnomic believes in open standards and is a co-editor of Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) cloud standards.

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