SAP on Azure Solutions

Vnomic: Your Trusted Partner for Seamless SAP to Azure Migration

At Vnomic, we understand the challenges and complexities involved in migrating SAP landscapes to Azure. As a global leader in SAP to Azure migration services, Vnomic is the safe bet for CIOs seeking a seamless migration powered by automation and precision, eliminating manual processes and reducing Cost and risk.

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Why Choose Vnomic?

  • Automation

    Vnomic’s migration solution is built on cutting-edge automation technology. We leverage sophisticated automation tools to streamline the entire migration process, ensuring minimal human intervention, reduced errors, and accelerated project timelines. Our automation-driven approach empowers your organization to achieve;
    - 72% Reduction of the deployment cost
    - 91% Reduction of Time to Value
    - 100% Reduction of manual errors
  • Engineered Solutions, Eliminating Manual Processes, and Errors

    By engineering our migration solutions, Vnomic guarantees a smooth and error-free migration experience. We eliminate manual processes and human errors that often lead to delays and disruptions during migration projects. With our engineered approach, your organization can focus on strategic priorities while we handle the technical complexities.
  • SAP and Azure Knowledge for the Best Architecture and Solution

    Vnomic boasts a team of highly skilled experts with deep knowledge of both SAP and Azure ecosystems. This expertise allows us to select the best architecture and solution for your specific SAP landscape, ensuring optimal performance, scalability, and reliability in the Azure environment.
  • Time to Value – From Months to Hours

    Our automated migration process significantly reduces the time to value for your SAP landscape on Azure. With meticulous planning, streamlined deployment, and automated testing, your organization can rapidly reap the benefits of running SAP workloads on Azure without lengthy delays.
  • Financial Operation (FinOps) – Engineering the Lowest Azure Cost

    Vnomic's FinOps expertise ensures that your SAP landscape operates on Azure with the lowest possible cost while meeting performance requirements. We optimize resource sizing based on actual usage, implement just-in-time deployment, and automate system scaling to align costs with actual demand.
  • Risk Reduction – Eliminate Manual Processes and Project Delays

    By removing manual processes and adopting a highly automated approach, Vnomic significantly reduces the risk of errors, downtime, and disruptions during the migration process. Our methodology is designed to minimize risks and ensure a successful migration to Azure.
  • Meeting All SAP and Microsoft Best Practices

    Vnomic strictly adheres to SAP and Microsoft best practices throughout the migration journey. Our meticulous approach ensures compliance with industry standards and guidelines, providing a seamless transition that aligns with best-in-class practices.Meeting All SAP and Microsoft Best Practices
  • Advanced Backup Solutions: Application Consistent SNAP-Based Solution

    In recognition of the need for a robust, efficient SAP deployment solution for global businesses, Vnomic has developed a platform that dramatically reduces backup time — from hours to minutes — and ensures rapid restoration capabilities. This solution guarantees unmatched performance, resilience, and availability, fully complying with SAP's stringent requirements.
  • Security & Hardening

    Our automated and engineered SAP landscapes are fortified to meet the comprehensive security requirements of CIS level 1, ensuring the highest levels of data protection and system integrity.
  • Post-Go-Live Optimization Phase

    Post-migration, Vnomic engages in an essential optimization phase, particularly crucial in today’s fast-paced, cost-aware business environment. This phase includes:
    • Decommissioning of project phase servers and storage
    • Elimination of orphaned disks.
    • Precision reduction of Azure NetApp Files (ANF) capacity pools.
    • Optimization of Azure SKU.
    • Refinement of backup policies and size compression optimization.