SAP on Azure Assessment

Streamline Your Journey to Microsoft and SAP Solutions

In the initial assessment phase, Vnomic offers a comprehensive analysis of your SAP landscape to plan a successful migration strategy.

  • SAP Landscape on Azure Cost Assessment: We provide a detailed projection of the SAP landscape's Azure consumption, enabling you to estimate costs accurately.
  • SAP Landscape on Azure Technical Compatibility Assessment: We map SAP versions, kernel, and operating systems to Azure-supported versions to ensure compatibility.
  • SAP on Azure Migration Strategy Assessment: Our experts evaluate the best migration approach, be it Backup/Restore or Export/Import, tailored to your SAP environment.
  • SAP on Azure Migration Timeline Assessment: We create a detailed timeline for the migration process, helping you plan accordingly.
  • SAP on Azure Migration Business Case and ROI: Our Mckinsey Cloud Migration Modeling calculates the business case and return on investment for the migration project, guiding you toward a value-driven decision.
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