Learn About Vnomic’s Partnership and Co-Innovations

Our partners play an important role in the success of Vnomic Platform. Vnomic continues to co-innovate with these leading technology partners to ensure the most complete and comprehensive solutions for our customers.



Vnomic is a member of SAP partner Edge and SAP HANA Startup Program. We are developing the next generation of Policy Driven Software-Defined Everything for HANA platforms.



Vnomic is a Global Microsoft Gold-Certified and sell wiht ready partner.  Vnomic soluiton is available in more than 200 countries globally through Microsoft Azure marketplace.  Vnomic and Microsoft co-innovate to automate the delivery, governance, and auditability of powerful enterprise workloads on Microsoft Azure, globally.



We are a member of the IBM partner program. IBM is a co-author of TOSCA standard and the world’s top provider of computer products and services for companies, government, and educational institutions worldwide.



Google and Vnomic are co-innovating a new declarative approach to the deployment of multi-tier, complex applications on Google Cloud Platform. Vnomic is a Google Cloud Platform technology partner, and we allow customers to leverage the most powerful capabilities of Google Cloud Platform to meet their performance, security, and governance requirements.



Vnomic automates CenturyLink HANA Enterprise Cloud offerings globally. Vnomic is CenturyLink’s application-centric automation tool for SAP services standardizing deployments and infrastructure configuration.

We help CenturyLink customers realize faster rollout and time to ROI with flexible rapid deployment options in a multi-tenant and private cloud environment.



Vnomic and Cisco are collaborating to deliver the next generation of Policy Driven Software-Defined Everything solutions. We aim to do this by combining the power of Vnomic Declarative Application Delivery and Governance Platform with the advanced capabilities of the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI).


Amazon Web Services

Vnomic is a registered partner of Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services offers a complete set of infrastructure and application services that enable you to run virtually everything in the cloud: from enterprise applications and big data projects to social games and mobile apps.