SAP on Azure Migration

Automate Your Migration for Efficiency and Reliability

Vnomic handles all aspects of the migration, from capturing technical details to automated deployment, testing, and validation.

  • Workshops and Documentation: We conduct workshops to gather technical details of your on-premise SAP landscape and document them meticulously for a successful migration.
  • Automated Deployment & Governance: Leveraging automation, we deploy your SAP landscape on Azure, ensuring compliance with SAP and Microsoft best practices, high availability, and disaster recovery. We eliminate manual errors and reduce time to value.
  • Managed-Ready SAP Systems: Vnomic configures your SAP systems using Azure and SAP native solutions, including Azure Backup, Azure Vault, Azure Log Analytics, and Solution Manager Diagnostic Agent. This ensures business continuity and resilience during the migration process.
  • Data Migration and Testing: We handle data migration seamlessly, minimizing downtime, and perform automated testing and validation of the SAP landscape to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Azure Cost Optimization: Vnomic optimizes Azure resource sizing and implements just-in-time deployment and scaling, helping you achieve the lowest possible Azure cost while maintaining performance.
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