May 5 2014 – SAP, Cisco, VCE and Vnomic Automate deployment of enterprise applications on Application Centric Infrastructure

SAP. Cisco, VCE and Vnomic have collaborated to dramatically accelerate the deployment and operation of large-scale SAP applications by using Cisco Application centric infrastructure (ACI) including Cisco Application Policy infrastructure controller (APIC), ACI family of programmable switches and the Vnomic deployment and Governance Platform on VCE Vblock systems .

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About Vnomic

Vnomic is the leading provider of Automated Policy Driven Software Defined Everything.  The Vnomic Declarative Application & Infrastructure Delivery and Governance Platform is a Policy Driven and Application-Centric Automation Solution capable of Delivery and Governance of the most sophisticated Applications on Programmable Infrastructures, while ensuring compliance to the strictest Performance, Quality of Service, Security and Governance requirements. Vnomic believes in open standards and is a co-editor of Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) cloud standards.

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