Vnomic Unveils Application Aware & Snapshot Based Backup Solution on Azure

Oct 23, 2023 | Vnomic | News Update
Cupertino, CA – The leader in automated & Engineered SAP migration and management on Azure, Vnomic, has launched its Application Aware Snapshot Backup solution on Azure. This innovation reduces Enterprise database backup times, traditionally taking 10 to 15 hours, to less than a minute, propelling agility and accelerating value realization.

The solution efficiently handles the orchestration of database-consistent storage snapshots, irrespective of the volume type – be it DATA or other requirements. Additionally, it facilitates the migration of the backup snapshot images to more economical storage devices, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

This breakthrough is a collaborative co-innovation effort between Vnomic and Microsoft, tailored to dramatically reduce back up times on large production databases running on Azure.

Harnessing automation, Vnomic’s latest offering reduces costs, accelerates delivery, and mitigates project risks. It is a pivotal addition to Vnomic’s suite of services designed to seamlessly automate and engineer SAP landscape deployment and management on Azure.

Customers spanning over 200 countries can access Vnomic solutions directly through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. For a deeper dive into Vnomic and its innovative solution, visit

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